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Investing that makes the world rejoice®

Investments designed for performance and a better world

Investing can be more than just returns.

It’s also an opportunity to invest in companies whose products and practices help make the world better.

Invest in companies you’re proud to talk about.

Companies in our investments are selected for their ability to create value — for society, for stakeholders, and for you.

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Eventide's Approach

Real value creation means companies are creating value for every stakeholder

We look for companies that create value

And seek to avoid investing in companies that extract value

Seeking value creation means asking key questions.

Is this company meeting an important human need?
Are customers delighted? Do employees love their jobs?
Are suppliers valued as strategic partners?
Are communities better off for the company’s presence?
Is the environment being cared for and protected?

This helps us avoid investing in companies whose products or practices destroy value

And seek companies doing business in the most sustainable, responsible, and impactful ways

Our aim is to find the companies that best serve the needs of others.

The way you invest
makes a difference.

Biotechnology • Cybersecurity • Evolution to the Cloud
Beyond Moore’s Law • Clean technology • Energy efficiency
Vehicle electrification • Renewable Energy • Autonomous vehicles
Internet of things • Big data • Home renovation • Healthy foods

We believe what’s right is also smart.

We believe the companies that best serve the needs of others will also prosper best.

We believe value creation is an underappreciated source of outperformance.

We have found that value creation provides essential insights into true business vitality, competitive advantage, and long-term sustainability and growth.

Let’s create a world where companies thrive by creating value for the global common good.

Join with financial advisors, individuals, and institutions, investing more than $5.1 billion and creating a better world.

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Professionals driven by deep conviction that the purpose of business is to create value for the global common good.

Meet the Team

Investing that Makes the World Rejoice


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